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The Ronald MC.Donald House- Is your child hospitalized in another State/County?

As a foster youth you have so many disadvantages in life and when you begin a family of your own you can feel like your  in a race to catch up, but imagine your child developing a sickness and has to be hospitalized away from you.

Your in Luck! There is a wonderful resource available for families who cant afford to travel back and forth.  Please read testimony from Nathan T.

     I have a dream that every children’s hospital could have a Ronald McDonald House to help families that have kids that are sick.    Are you wondering what a Ronald McDonald House is?   It’s not a play land.  It is where families can stay if their child is sick and they live far away from the hospital.

In 1974 a Philadelphia Eagles football player named Fred Hill had a 3 year old daughter, named Kim Hill, who had cancer and was in the hospital.  The family realized other families needed a place to stay when their child was sick and they lived far away.  Fred got the Philadelphia Eagles Football team to partner up with McDonald’s and the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital to raise money.  McDonald’s donated money from the sale of shamrock shakes.  This money was used to buy a house that families could stay in near the hospital.

By 1979, 10 more Ronald McDonald Houses had been opened.  Money is raised by each house through donation boxes at McDonald’s Restaurants and gifts from companies like McDonald’s and Coke.  They also raise money from recycling pop tabs.  Pop tabs are how you open a soda can.  Through all these donations there are now more than 300 houses in 30 countries.  We even have one in Sacramento.  It opened in 1998 and has room for 38 families.

The Houses provide both room and food to families.  Staying in a hotel could cost up to $200 a day, but staying in a Ronald McDonald House is between $10 and $25 a day.   Staying in a Ronald McDonald House makes having a child in the hospital easier.   My family stayed at a Ronald McDonald House when I was born.  I was flown from Sacramento to Stanford Hospital and stayed there for a few weeks to take care of my heart.  The Ronald McDonald House at Stanford really helped my family.  I hope other families can be helped by Ronald McDonald Houses forever.

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