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Update on open adoption

Hello everyone! I wanted to just give a brief update on my son’s open adoption because I know there is not much awareness or education about this delicate topic. While every birth parent who chooses adoption is different and has a unique perspective, I have a special relationship with my son’s adopted family and I wanted to follow up on my previous blog post by sharing a little bit about our family. To read my previous blog on open adoption follow this link:

There are different levels of openness in an open adoption and let me explain what I mean by that. Every birth mom and every adopting couple is so very different and they are all comfortable with a different level of contact. Thankfully I was able to find a couple who is very open and prefers more contact. This means that we have more frequent visits throughout the year and we talk over the phone and through text message when we have time. They are very open to my son knowing his birth family and we all agree that this is what is best for the adopted child. It is important that during the selection process the birth parent looks for a level of openness that they will be comfortable with. I am blessed to have found a couple that I have a lot in common with and they are very open and loving towards me. I am basically an extension of their family and that is how they treat me. They honor me as the birth mom and are always letting me know how grateful they are for me and including me in their life as much as on the birth parent and adopting family but this is a little glimpse into ours.

If you want to know more about open adoption visit a local adoption agency or read about one here:

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