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How Can Megan’s Law protect you and your family?

I hope everyone is having a safe holiday season so far. Make sure to check out your Health Shack blog site to see what free resources and events are available to you in your community. During the holiday season crime is at a peak. It’s always important to be aware of your surroundings and so I want to share an important resource you can access anywhere that will help whether you are in the process of a move or you have been at your current address for some time. For those that do not know, Megan’s Law is named after a young girl who was a victim of rape and murder in New Jersey after the sex offender had moved across the street from her and her family. Her family made efforts to have their local community be made aware of any sex offenders who lived nearby. Today every state has some form of Megan’s Law.  Meagan’s  Law is a website that lists designated registered sex offenders in California and you can even look up your own address to see where  in your area any offenders may live but the web site offers  a lot more resources and information on the topic. There is information on how to protect yourself and your family, facts about sex offenders and information about the requirements California has on registration of sex offenders.  The site even has a frequently asked questions page where you can find out a ton of information about sexual offenders and what the law states about this topic. Go to for more information and to search specifically by your city or state

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