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Here is another mental health resource. NAMI is the national alliance on mental illness. They not only provide support and services to those who suffer from mental illness but they provide education to the community on the subject of mental illness. They also give a lot of support to the families of those who face a mental illness so that they have education and help in counseling their loved ones and being there for them.

One of the main goals of NAMI is to make sure the community is educated about what it is like to have a mental illness so that those who need treatment and support can get it. Growing up I watched my mother and close family struggle with mental illness. My mother has bipolar disorder. She suffers from paranoia and anxiety as well as depression and when these illnesses go untreated the side effects can be very damaging.

The stigma attached to those who suffer from mental illness needs to be broken and NAMI is a great tool and resource in educating people on the matter. It is important if you have a mental illness to seek help and support for it and if you come across or know someone who has it it is more important to be educated and aware that the illness is not what defines the person for who they are. I have seen several presentation from NAMI representatives and they are doing wonderful things in our community and working hard at breaking the stigma in society about mental illness.

In one of my psychology classes at a local junior college in Modesto I saw one of the presentations by NAMI representatives as well as patients who benefited from NAMI services. I had to write papers on many disorders such as schizophrenia from the perspective of the mentally ill person and it gave me a whole new and healthy outlook on mental illness. NAMI works toward this goal.  They work with the wellness center and their staff in providing many programs classes and support groups. Please see my previous blog for more info on the wellness center. If you have questions or want to know more about what NAMI has to offer or even how to get involved with them please visit their website at

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