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Stop Identity Theft Part 1


Identity theft can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Currently, in 2014 identity theft occurs every two seconds around the world . In fact, I myself was a victim of identity theft. In 2012, I was waiting at a bus stop on my way home from a job interview. I got home looked in my purse and realized that I was missing my wallet. After some thought I had realized that I had taken the wallet out of my purse to get change for the bus right before it came. Quickly I realized I left it at the bus stop. Immediately I went back to look for it, but it was gone. At first I wasn’t alarmed. I mean all I usually keep in my purse is my ID that I can cancel with one phone call to the DMV and a couple of grocery store club cards, and probably some bank card that I can just cancel. I always knew better to not to carry my social security card around in my purse…..but wait….job interview, I brought my social. Now I had a problem. Having to go through allows me to prevent you from becoming a victim of identity theft.


Prevent I know the feeling, a whole bunch of junk mail when bits and pieces of your information on it and you can’t wait to throw away. Or, you get important information in the mail like bank statements, letters with information on life documents. Still, you read it, use the information, and throw it away. This may sound strange but trash digging is a very common way that a thief will get information. Make sure to shred your documents. If you don’t have access to a shredder, tear your mail into a whole bunch of tiny pieces. Also, don’t carry your social in your wallet or write it on any documents unless it is absolutely necessary. Most importantly, don’t share your social with anyone, no matter how much you trust them

Detect Have you ever lost an important document that contained personal information? Had a roommate, a friend, or even a family member who may have had access to private information and want to check to see if your identity had ever been used fraudulently? Well you can call or mail one of the three credit reporting companies listed below to request a free annual credit report.

Reverse Once you will see your credit report, it should contain 4 basic types of information

  • Identification and Employment Information
  • Payment History
  • Inquiries
  • Public Record Information

If you see any addresses, accounts, purchases, employment history, or credit cards that you do not recognize, then your identity may have been stolen.

Equifax                        Experian                                 TransUnion

1-800-685-1111             1-888-397-3742                      1-800-916-8800                       


Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

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