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B.A.C.O.P: How It Changed My Life. How It Can Change Yours

B.A.C.O.P – Black Community Outreach Program is a team of doctors, therapists, clinicians, that all work together to access, evaluate and help treat and support their clients. They offer Support Groups, one on one therapy, Psychiatric Evaluations but the best part is you choose which services you want to participate and you and your clinician create a detailed and easy to follow treatment plan.

The program is very convenient because they are flexible with your schedule and your lifestyle.

Aren’t satisfied with your treatment plan? Well you have will have the option to meet with your clinician and make changes to your treatment plan at any time.

So how will this Program benefit you? Well you will have to see if you can benefit from their services. They are a specialty mental health program with an emphasis on services to African-American, Muslim/Middle Eastern, Native American as well as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender communities. However, you do not have to belong to any of these groups to receive services. All you need to qualify is to be over 18 and walk-in and request services.

That is exactly how I discovered B.A.C.O.P. There was a time in my life where I had gone through very traumatic experiences and eventually, tried to take my own life. I survived, and now only four months in treatment, I’m glad I did. I walked in hopeless, broken, and convinced that nobody can help me. Right away they took my insurance (Medi-Cal at the time) and within two weeks I was assessed, evaluated, diagnosed and receiving treatment. I chose my therapist, how often I wanted to see him, whether or not wanted to receive medication, and also regular, monthly visits with the sweet and professional Dr. Andrews.

Eventually I decided to join a support group. They have support groups everyday with an emphasis on many different subjects so that I easily found one that fit my schedule. Today, I alive and now mentally, emotionally, and physically well and am happy to share my story.

Within the process of getting well, there was a lot of paper work, documents, and medications and appointments that I to keep track of. Using my Health Shack account, I was able to organize and easily keep track by documenting information in the section labeled Health in sub categories: Mental Health Office Visits and Health Documents.

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