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Personal Safety Tips

Winter holidays have come to an end and I hope everyone had a happy NYE shopping is at its peak and all the best after-christmas sales can now be found everywhere. Its also a time when crime is increasing especially in Stockton so I put together a few safety tips to help spread awareness and remind the community that you can help prevent crime and keep from becoming a victim

1. Be aware of your surroundings

  • especially when out shopping and at night this is when you are more likely to be attacked
  • our phone and other devices are a distraction: parking lots and sitting in your car or at the bus stop are the worst places to be zoned out on the internet or a text conversation
  • campus police at Delta and other security officers have commented that they see too many young adults tuned into their phones or devices with their earphones on and this makes you an easy target you cant see or hear an attacker coming at you that way

2. Location is everything

  • always park your car in plain view of crowded places or under street or building lights bright ones. Even if its not yet dark out it might be by the time you are ready to leave and you are less likely to be attacked if you are in a well-lit area or in view of lots of people
  • do not be a sitting duck in your car women do this a lot they get in their car and sit there on the phone and forget to lock the car doors or check the rear seats before entering; if you get in your car lock the doors and leave immediately.
  • notice the cars next to yours; if there is someone in the driver’s side alone, you might get into your car from the passenger side and lock the doors it is better to be safe than sorry
  • if you are attacked, do everything you can to avoid being taken to the second location. This could be the attackers vehicle or a nearby alley or anywhere secluded but those victims who avoid being taken to the second location are less likely to escape their attacker
  • most of us don’t consider this but even while driving you should be aware of your surroundings some attackers will follow you I have had this happen. If this happens the last thing you want them to know is where you live at so don’t drive straight home, instead immediately call the police and report them and drive to a safe, well lit and populated area

3. Trust your instincts

  • don’t let sounding paranoid allow you to stop trusting your intuition because its better to be paranoid than dead. If it doesn’t feel safe then it probably isn’t
  • always follow your instincts and safety tips
  • even though it isn’t nice to think about you need to be realistic about the possibility of being in a physical confrontation and never be hesitant to fight back and defend yourself. Remember; if you are attacked that person has already crossed the line so don’t think twice about defending yourself
  • tell a friend where you are going and when you plan on being back or doing simple check ins such as letting someone know when you get to your destination safely

4. Scammers

  • telemarketers and scam artists reach out over emails and phone calls even more so over the holidays; targeting young adults with credit cards and the elderly sometimes claiming to be from a charity or community outreach organization asking for donations. Never give your personal information including bank card or account numbers over the phone or internet to anyone be very cautious of anyone asking for your address and information
  • do not give personal passwords or records out or write them down somewhere anyone else has access to

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