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Positive Artistic Expression & Coping Skills

It’s that time again…if you are a student it’s application period for new colleges and the start of another school year with new classes. The winter holidays have come to an end and after-Christmas sales are everywhere. It can be a stressful time and everyone has their own ways of relieving stress that fits for them so if you like to read, check out my previous blog on inspirational quotes and tips for coping, if you have considered seeking therapy check out my previous blog on mental health resources in Stockton and I have compiled some more tips and thoughts below on other coping skills you can work with if none of the above seems to fit your style.

Artistic Expression

I have found that self expression through positive action is the best way to go about working through difficult times and different things work for different people so here is a list of some activities below:

  • Art: Painting, coloring, drawing, sketching
  • Journaling: writing helps whether it is narrative style or you create your own poems or songs
  • Singing/Dancing: setting feelings to motion combined with a physical work out
  • Workout: yoga, dance, mixed martial arts, any sport you enjoy; sometimes it takes actually physically releasing tension and all these activities contribute to your health as long as you stay hydrated and eat healthy while doing them.
  • Music: nothing has helped me more than listening to music when I am upset or stressed out I just turn up the volume and drown out the world. There is just something healing about someone else singing exactly what you are feeling

 Coping Skills

    1. Find some quiet time: sometimes the best thing to do is get alone and get away from all the noise
    2. Set aside social networking apps and devices: this drowns out distraction and potential for negativity
    3. Do something good for yourself: Whether it is positive self-talk, or spending time alone or buying something new that you’ve had on your wish list, even if it feels strange at first you will feel much better after! Grooming at home works too it is relaxing and free for example I will get alone light some candles and give myself a mani/pedi at home
    4. When you are ready to go back into your friends circle or pick up your social networking groups make sure you only surround yourself with positive people and influences; anything else will only drag you down.
    5. If you don’t like to be alone (which is also perfectly understandable) you might find comfort in a support group of some type. See below a list of local groups/activities to join



Domestic Violence class/support


Anger Management






Low priced selling and buying:

Classes local:

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